09/07/2000: Arrival in Japan - First day in Tokyo
Visit of the oldest temple of Tokyo, Senso-ji in Asakusa

The temple of Senjo-ji

The entrance gate

The little shops leading to the temple

A Japanese ice-cream shop

First Japanese lunch: "tempura"

All the restaurants display their menu in their windows

Caro and Makiko ... you can't really see it but we are kneeling around this very low Japanese table

Visit of the busy shopping area of Ginza (home of expensive and luxurious stores)

Ginza ... and the amazing amount of advertising boards


Dinner in Shibuya - home of fashionnable stores - where you have to dress up in the craziest way possible ...

The streets of Shibuya ... just a little crowded

Makiko ... and some of the many bowls that were spred over the table !!!

Atsushi, Makiko and Yoshiko


09/08/2000: Day in the Fuji - Hakone - Izu National Park (2 hours from Tokyo)

Lake Ashino in Hakone

Owakudan: where gas are coming out from the volcano

The edge of the volcano ... and the fumes of gas

Toyaki, Caro and Makiko

Visit of the shinto temple of Sajo-ji, in the mountain of Myojinga take

One of the gate of the Saijo-ji temple

the main temple

Old Japanese words on one of the gates

Trying to ring the

... still trying !


09/19/2000: Back in Tokyo for my last day in Japan

Koishikawa Korakuen gardens : the great lotus leaves

Koishikawa Korakuen gardens; in the background: Tokyo Dome

Yashukuni shrine

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