New York City


07/18/2000: First day in NYC - Visit of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn

The Statue of Liberty - view from Battery Park at the very South of Manhattan

Nice view for lunch (in the background: the Statue of Liberty)

The twin towers of the World Trade Center

Wall Street

60th Wall Street ...

... sounds familiar to anyone ?!

Brooklyn - view from Manhattan's Pier 17

The Brooklyn Bridge - view from Manhattan (in the background: Manhattan Bridge)

The walk along the pedestrian path of the Brooklin Bridge

The Statue of Liberty - view from the Brooklyn Promenade

Manhattan - the very South viewed from Brooklyn

Manhattan - view from Brooklyn

Manhattan - view from Brooklyn


07/18/2000 at night: Diner in Chelsea

Caro and Christelle


07/19/2000: Visit of the different areas of downtown Manhattan - Tribeca, Soho, Greenwich Village, Chelsea

Manhattan - view from the top of the World Wide Trade Center ... sorry but it was rainning !!

Soho - great shops and art galleries


Greenwich Village - MacDougal street

Flatiron Building - midtown Manhattan


07/19/2000 at night: The lights of Times Square

Times square


07/20/2000: Midtown Manhattan - the skyscrapers

Chrysler Building

Empire State Building - Top

Empire State Building - Middle

Empire State Building - Bottom


7/21/2000: Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, Central Park and the greatest of all ... the Guggenheim Museum - just amazing!!

Fifth Avenue: luxe, calme et voluptee ... le calme en moins !!

Central Park -  The Reservoir

Central Park - The Castle and the turtles pond

Guggenheim Museum - the amazing design of he building

Guggenheim Museum

Inside the Guggenheim museum

One more ... juste pour le plaisir des yeux ...


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