08/25/2000: Day of re-discovering Melbourne (one year later)

My favourite building in Melbourne: Flinders Street Train Station

The public baths, another great building among modern scyscrappers.

What the people of Melbourne live for : Australian Rules Football (AFL). I went to the semi final at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) ... sorry for the French but I think that I like it better than soccer ...


08/26/2000: Riding "Puffing Billy" (a steam train that goes across the country of the Dandenongs Ranges) ...

Puffing Billy, the victorian steam train

... and at night ... Katherine and I went to a party where the dress code was football and underwater !!

yes yes ... we went out with our scubas, water glasses and football scarfs (I didn't really care ... I'm not the one who knows everybody around here !!).


08/30/2000: Visit of Melbourne Zoo (great variety of australian animals)

The tiny australian penguins

An emu ... almost as many as the kangaroos

A wombat

Of course: a kangaroo ... but white this time!

yes, yes ... I promise you this is a bird!

fishing? ...sorry mate but the only thing you caught is a piece of wood !


08/31/2000: After the zoo ... the aquarium (just on time for the feeding of the sharks ... quite amazing!)

A shark ... looks so sweet !!

A giant ray ...

... and some other fishes.


 09/02/2000: Day of skiing !!!! At Mount Buller, 3 hours from Melbourne

Susanna ... somewhere between fog and snow !

You can't really recognize her ... but I promise: this is Claire !

Katherine, Susanna, Caro ... be quick, the sun won't stay long !

Caro, Kath and Suz

Caro ... what would be a day of skiing without a hot chocolate break !!


09/04/2000: Here comes the sun ... just on time for a photographic lunch along Melbourne's Yarra River

Melbourne and the Yarra River - view from Southbank

Caro, in front of Flinders Street Station

Melbourne (the city) - view from Southbank


09/05/2000: Trip to Philip Island to see the penguins parade
(tiny penguins which cross the beach every night just after day light)

A rainbow ... just to show you that we also have some sun besides rain !

Taking photos was not allowed ... all I could do was buying a postcard !!

The penguins parade


09/06/2000: Last day in Melbourne (and in Australia)
Lunch with the "Manchester girls", Daniela and Karla - Coffee with Susanna just before driving to the airport

Daniela, Caro and Karla

Katherine and Caro

Suz and Caro in Carlton


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