09/21/2000: First day in Mauritius - Visit of the capital city, Port Louis, where Kristel lives
(North West of the island)

Caro - in the background: Mauritius governement house in Port Louis

Le Caudan - the touristic shopping place of Port Louis

View of the Caudan (Waterfront complex)



09/22/2000: Day in a natural park nammed Domaine du Chasseur (South East of the island)

Caro - at the starting point of the trecking among palms and banana trees

The amazing colors of the Indian Ocean

Sugar cane fields


09/24/2000: Day in Grand Baie and drive along the Northern shore of the island

Sunday morning brunch ... with a full view on the Indian Ocean

Caro ... sous les cocotiers !!

Cap Malheureux

The beach of Choisy

L'ile du coin de mire

Sunset on Grand Baie



09/25/2000 in the morning: Brunch and walk along the bedach in Grand Baie

Le lagon de Grand Baie

Caro ... watch out the color of the Ocean !!

Grand Baie

Grand Baie

In the afternoon: Visit of the botinical gardens in the town of Pamplemousses

Palm trees


The giant victorian nenuphars

A small flower of victorian nenuphars

Lotus and palm trees

Lotus and palm trees


09/26/2000: Day at the beach in the town of Flic en Flac

L'hotel de la Pirogue

Caro ... on the beach of Flic en Flac

Kristel in front of the blue water protected by the corail barrier

Caro at the  hotel de la Pirogue


09/27/2000: Day on the tiny island, l'Ile au Cerf, on the Eastern side of Mauritius

Caro the

The beach

On the way back to the main island : Mauritian Falls


09/29/2000: Day of sightseeing in the South of the island

A quick stop along the road to pick up (and eat !) some guavas

Kristel: picking up guavas



A last look at the lagoon before flying back home ....



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