June 1998 - Manchester - England : last "formal dinner" with all the inhabitants of St Gab's Hall ...
June 2000 - Rotterdam - Holland : two years later, some members of the team are back together ...
for the wedding of Nicoline and Joep


06/10/2000 - in the morning : Civil wedding in Delft

Relax ...it's time to go!!

Ready to go !

Just married !


Tapis rouge !

En route  pour Rotterdam


06/10/2000 - in the afternoon : Religious wedding in Rotterdam

Bride and Groom

Marche Nuptiale

Musique Maestro


06/10/2000 - at night : Celebrations ...
Manchester United is back : Nicoline (the Dutch bride), Eva (from Spain), Elise (from France...but lives in Spain) and me!!

Nicoline, Elise, Eva, Caro

Elise, Caro, Eva

Elise, Eva, Nicoline, Caro

Eva and Emilio


07/10/2000: Typical Holland - the windmills

Windmills  and FLAT landscape!!

typical holland



08/10/2000: Amsterdam
Canals ... narrow houses ... bikes ... coffee shops .... all you need !!

Caro, Eva, Nicoline

In front of Anne Franck's House


Coffee shop


.... just married ... just exhausted

getting married : an exhausting task !
Nic and Joep took us around to discover their country .... the honey moon will come later !!

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