07/04/2000: Arrival in Tallahassee where Andree (who's studying there) came to pick me up at the airport with Mrs Quairel, our former teatcher who's currently making some research at Florida State University.

Caro, Mme Quairel, Andree


07/06/2000: Tallahassee - Maclay Gardens and the surprising Lake Jackson

Maclay gardens - Florida's great vegetation

Maclay gardens

Lake Jackson - deja surnomme 'disappearing water' par les indiens


07/07/2000: Wakulla Springs State Park (between Tallahassee and the Gulf Coast)- the great marsh and its inhabitants (birds, alligators, turtles....)

Les marecages

Les marecages

Les marecages

Les marecages - les feuilles sechees qui pendent des arbres

Les marecages

Turtles (on the dead wood)




07/07/2000: Torreya State Park (West from Tallahassee)

Apalachicola  River

Nice encounter !!


 07/08/2000: The beach of Alligator Point on the Gulf Coast (south from Tallahassee)

Caro, Amid, Mme Quairel

Alligator Point

Caro, in front of the  houses along the Gulf Coast


07/11/2000 during the day: Miami - Bayfront Park and the area of Bayside - Cruise in the Biscayne Bay - Miami Beach and its Art Deco area - Key Biscayne, Fisher Island and Star Island ... for the rich and famous !!

Downtown Miami - View from a boat on the Biscayne Bay

The area of Bayside  - view from the Hard Rock Cafe

Miami Beach - Art Deco area

Miami Beach - Art Deco area

Tiny little home...

...some more...

ONE of Julio Iglesias's Estates ... just a LITTLE nicer than my youth hostel in Miami Beach !!


07/11/2000 at night: Ocean Drive in South Beach (part of Miami Beach)

Sinem and Caro - on the beach beside Ocean Drive

Sinem ... a very trendy baywatcher !!

07/12/2000: The Everglades - Florida's greatest natinional park ... at the very south of the peninsula

The Everglades ... riding an airboat

The everglades

The airboat driver tring to have a little encounter with an alligator

Here He is !!

American alligator


07/13/2000: Miami - visit of the different areas of the city such as Little Havana, Corail Gable and Coconut Grove

Little Havana - Cuban monument

Corail Gable - the city hall

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